Nick Abbott Adopts Deaf Dog and Now They Are the Best of Friends


Nick Abbott Adopts Deaf Dog and Now They Are the Best of Friends.

Nick Abbott, 31, wanted to find a forever companion who could go through life with him and that’s exactly what he found in Emerson.

At just 6 weeks old, the black Labrador mix was brought to the shelter and eventually ended up in Maine.

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The shelter group soon discovered that the pup had hearing difficulties. The puppy had experienced seizures and an infection called canine parvovirus but, once he pulled through, he was put up for adoption.

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Lindsey Powers, of NFR Maine, posted on Facebook searching for someone who could adopt Emerson.

In the post, she pretended to write as though she was the pup, expressing concern that potential parents were worried the dog’s hearing issues would become a concern.

“Hi! My name is Emerson, I’m a 12-week-old black lab mix looking for my forever home! My brothers and sisters have found homes already but I’m still looking. My Foster mom thinks that’s because people see that I’m deaf, and that makes people nervous but she wants everyone to know that being deaf is the LEAST of my worries!”

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That’s where Nick Abbott came in. Abbott was born deaf, and when he noticed the post, he could immediately tell that Emerson was meant for him.

“Right off the bat, he said, ‘I’m deaf also and I feel like we’d have a good connection,'” Powers said.

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Within a day, the application Abbott turned in was processed.

Abbot’s mother said the two were meant to be from the start. But after their initial meeting, the two’s bond grew even more when Abbott started to teach Emerson sign language.

Now, Emerson knows how to respond to the signs for sit, lay down and come.

“It’s amazing,” Richelle Abbott, Nick Abbott’s mother, told ABC News. “Whenever they’re together, Emerson is always finding a way to lean on Nick.”


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