Goose, gull prescription pills California, the nonprofit treating them said Thursday


Goose, gull prescription pills California, the nonprofit treating them said Thursday.

Two birds are recovering at a wildlife center after hundreds of pills were left in the grass at a park in Huntington Beach, the nonprofit treating them said Thursday.

A citizen noticed the mass of pills in Carr Park on Springdale Street on Wednesday and called Animal Control after spotting a goose in distress, the Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center said in a Facebook post.

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A Canada goose and ring-billed gull exhibiting signs of over-intoxication, including loss of muscle control, were taken to the center for treatment.

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Their symptoms “coincide with illness most likely caused by ingesting these medications,” according to the nonprofit.

Both birds were on their way to recovery after being given IV fluids to flush their systems out, the agency said.

The wildlife center said other birds may have also ingested some of the same pills, but they were able to fly away.

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Witnesses suspected that the pills consisted of heart medications, antidepressants, anti-anxiety pills and insomnia medications.

The nonprofit asked residents to keep an eye out other birds who may have ingested some.


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